Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get Massive Traffic To Your Website For Free

Get Massive Traffic to Your Website for Free
No matter how attractive or beautiful your website is, if there is no  traffic to your website, it is useless. You can never get to sell your products, provide your services or provide your information to people that need it if people do not actually visit your website. Many bloggers have been deceived into believing that you just design your blog, input your Google   adsense code and expect that   traffic will come automatically. Unfortunately getting visitors to your website does not work this way except the site owner is the only one that wants to visit the site every time. Submitting to search engines is just the beginning of website campaign and it is sometimes tedious to get traffic through this means alone, it is therefore important to be aware of simpler ways of getting traffic within 24 hours.

Google has paid advertising like adword and adsense but except you are one of the big players who can afford a budget of $5000 per month (example $45 per click) you may not get enough traffic to your website as this traffic is usually dependent on high website owners bid for keywords. With this information you are about to learn, you will never struggle to open a Google adsense account or CPA account. Just create your website that has at least 12 pages, use these traffic methods then apply for Google adsense or CPA account, you will be approved. You don’t need someone to get an adsense account, do it yourself. The following traffic methods and steps will get your website indexed on the major search engines ( if it has not been indexed before)within just 24 hours. Traffic to your website is also within 24 hours, fasten your seat belts and take a ride with on the fast lane.

1.    Select a buyer keyword phrase(to be used in your page content) using the google keyword tool and make sure you concentrate on long-tailed keyword(keyword with 3 to 4 words) One word keywords are for big players that can pay a lot of money to rank for them on Google, so stick to long-tailed keywords. Do your research using Google keyword research tool and cho9ose long-tailed keyword  that does not a lot of competition but has enough traffic per month to bring enough traffic to your website

2.    Visit fill the for and input your website and the following details (choose new browser, url order-random, max popups-50, url-all) then submit. Make sure your computer browser allows popup. This action has the ability to get your website indexed within 24 hours and add hundreds of back links to your website.

3.    Submit your website to social bookmarking sites ( and to get traffic to your website It will take you a couple of hours to sign up for all the services and setup the accounts. You can use roboform to fill the forms

4.    Ping your website using You need to ping all the pages on your site and you can every 3 days if you like. If you like you can also automate the process using which will automatically ping up to 25 urls every 3days for $3 per month.

5.    Create a blog on that has a link back to your website. Make sure your keyword is in the name of your blog, the keyword should be in the website title should also contain the keyword. The content should contain your keyword and must not be same with any of the pages on your website

6.    Submit the RSS(Real Simple Syndication) feed of your blogger blog to and Burn your feed with Be sure to add the codes they ask for both of these sites on your blogger blog and do the same for any other blog you have.

7.    Ping your blogger blog and any other blog you have. Make sure your blog has different content that is targeting your main keyword and make sure there is good link back to your site.

8.    Write press release on your website. Submit it to ,, and . Make sure the name of your website containing the keyword phrase is in the title of your press release


9.    Write an article on your business or website and put a link back to your website and submit it to and

1. Create a short video on your business or website and submit it to, and To create a video take these steps;

a. Go to to find some free royalty free pictures to use in your video

b. Go to audacity and download their free audio software. Use audacity to record your article as an MP3 file ( this is the audio for your video)

C Open up the windows movie maker software on your computer and import your pictures and audio file

d. Submit the finished video to the previously listed sites. Be sure to include your keyword phrase in the title of the video with your website url at the beginning and end of the video. Also make sure your website url is in the first line of description of your video

.If you have access to these sites-,,       and, create a short 2 to 3 sentence classified advertisement about you business and the free offer you may giving away . Make sure you input your keyword phrase in the title of your advert.

Visit Find and join 3 forums in your niche and add your website address into the signature block in your profile. Then find the welcome area and post a hello message that you are just joining and are happy to happy to be on the forum. After the post, ping the post. When you revisit the forum, make comments and posts that are beneficial to others. This will increase your visibility and be sure to ping your posts anytime you make one.

13. Create a podcast radio show about your business at . Make sure you leave your website url in the podcast

14. Create a twitter account and be sure to include your keyword or phrase in your username. Search Twitter and signup to follow others in your niche


15. Go to and create. submits to dozens of directories and gets your site listed quickly.

There you have it, these steps will take 5 to 6 hours to complete or more if you are a newbie computer user or if you are new to the internet. When you are done, note the time you finished. Visit statcounter after 24 hours to check on traffic to your site,   I guarantee that you will have had visitors to your site.

Keep  posting to your blogs, forum, and also press release and be sure that all these posts have a link back to your website. Ping these and bookmark those posts by the social bookmarking sites mentioned earlier. After 30 days go to, they have a free service that will list to you all the to your site that have been indexed. These steps will give   traffic to your website within 24 hours guaranteed and the subsequent efforts you put into the process of posting can send thousands of real human visitors to your website every month


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