Friday, March 23, 2012

Massive Traffic from Google Image

The reason I included this traffic method is because it can send to your website thousands of visitors in a month. Just a picture can get over 3000 visits in a month. Imagine having 10 of those pictures on your website, that is 30,000 visits a month just from Google images alone. A lot of smart marketers and bloggers are using this traffic method but they kept it hidden but I am ready to blow the lid right now
Steps to take to bombard your website with visits

•    Create your own images to be used on your website. The images must of course be related to your website content. Upload the images to your website
•    Edit the images and try to insert a watermark of your website link on the images(Photoshop should handle this )
•    Upload your images (same ones used on your website) to image hosting sites Flickr and photobucket to generate traffic. Ensure you tag the uploaded images with the relevant keywords used on your website, this will ensure you get only targeted traffic
Another unpopular way is to visit google images website and type in the search box the keyword of the pictures you want. Visit the website of the image you selected and copy the image (with the url) to your website. This is frowned on Google as it affects the bandwidth of the hosting website, so using this method carries some form of risk. The first method is risk-free anyway.
It is important to note that, the more popular the image is the more the web traffic to the website that contains the image

                        How to convert your Google Image Search Visitors to Prospect

Google image traffic is good but what this set of visitors want is an image of their search term. Unless your website sells pictures as one of its services, this may not benefit you, a system of converting these visitors to prospects or future readers is therefore necessary. Here are few suggestions you can use to adjust this.
1.    Link your image to other relevant web pages and image galleries
2.    Promote a product that is related to the image you have used
3.    Allow the users to copy the image and paste it on their site
4.    Include your call to action that captures your readers email addresses at the start and end of web pages. This can be achieved by giving out something that is valuable and which is also related to the image on the image
5.    Place your image on a webpage with highly related content so that when the image is clicked on, the page is shown


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