Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Best 10 Affiliate Networks to Make Money

The Best 10 Affiliate Networks to Make Money
Having a website with traffic is useless if do not have a way to monetize and convert the traffic to money through affiliate networks or your own product.Bloggers especially can benefits from the massive traffic to their website as a result of green and up to date content.So if you do not have time to develop your own product or create your product you can partner with any of these networks that will pay you commission ranging from 10% to up to 90%.

These affiliate networks are well tested and will pay commission at the right time.Some of them even pay twice in a month and they have massive products you can choose from no matter the niche you are targeting. They have top products and massive number even as high as 100,000 products on some of these network

1.Commission Junction- This is the first affiliate network that I joined as a blogger. They have a massive list of products from different advertisers.You have to join them first, then you will be given  you login in details before you can apply to the different merchants.You can either make money per sale, per lead,per click and so on. No matter the type of promotion you like you will find it on Cj.com

2.Clickbank- This is another top affiliate network where you can earn commission as high as 90%, this is just too fantastic. They are only involved in digital product that you can download in minutes after you purchase( so there is no need for packaging and shipping cost to the merchant)You bank a lot of cash from this network because their sales page are professionally written, you do not need to do too much work. Just direct the buyer to their sales page and you are done,if they buy, you can earn 75-90% of the sales price

3.ShareASale- This is also one of the best affiliate networks out there very many products to promote. In fact most of the products you see out there are from this affiliate network. They have promotional tools like banner, text links that you can easily place on your website.

4.Amazon- This is very popular as most people have heard of them before and they have top class products to promote. You can get massive sales from this network as they are very trusted and popular but you get lower commissions on sales you make for this affiliate network. You can make up for this by selling more of their products, alot marketers are making thousands of dollars every month from this network

5.Paydotcom- The sites on this affiliate network have been tested to sell very well. This network resembles clickbank in terms of the digital products they have but they also have physical products. They have lower commission compared to clickbank and they are used by various marketers

6.Ebay Partner Network- This is also one of the trusted affiliate networks online as ebay itself is very popular.Here you can drive massive traffic to product listed on ebay and get good commission from. As ebay has a lot of products you can promote, you can never be short of products you can take as your favorite to promote

7.OneNetworkDirect- This network focus mainly on software produts you can promote for commission. The major advantage you will have is that the approval is very rapid and you can be on in less time to start promoting your favorite software product.So if your passion is digital products, you can easily bank with this affiliate network, just visit Regnow.com to sign up

8.TradeDoubler- This affiliate network have a rapid approval system and are currently covering 15 markets in Europe. They started in Sweden are is a very good network to start promoting products

9.Google Affiliate Network- This network was formerly called Connect Commerce and it is owned by Google. A lot of the adverts you see online especially the one they write "ads by Google" are controlled by this network. They usually pay per click and you can make massive money if you have great traffic with right keywords

10.LinkShare- This is another affiliate network that owned by Rakuten in Japan and they offer different currency and languages for different countries. They are very big and reliable so you can count on them to pay you when you are due for payment

Yes there you have the best 10 affiliate networks right now in the market. You just have to join may be 3 of them and I recommend the first 3 and promote product that are related to your website to make good money. The main thing is drive traffic to the right products that is paying high commission on sale so you can make money for your efforts especially if you pay for traffic to your website or blog.


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